Someone May Get Shot Over This

Last Updated on: 25th August 2018, 12:53 pm

Ok, so in the UK, kids are to be left in trees, but it is also perfectly ok to terrorize them in the name of a twisted science lesson. I don’t even get what they were trying to teach.

All the kids were told one morning that there was a gun in the school. Then the fire alarm went off, and they went outside and watched as someone who looked armed chased their religious education teacher across the field. Then they heard a loud bang, and Mr. Kent, the religious education teacher, fell down. They were all led back inside as teachers appeared to tend to him.

Then ten minutes later, they were brought into an assembly, and Mr. Kent was there, alive and well, and they said it was fake, to show how evidence was collected…er something. By then, kids were stressed. Some vomited and one had a panic attack.

What the hell? How is this a lesson of any sort? Some of the kids wondered if they would be next.

Apparently earlier this month, another school told some of the kids they would be taken from their parents and put in an orphanage to make them understand what jews went through in the holocaust. Everybody who was born in February were told to wear a yellow hat. At least I can sort of draw the line between that one and the holocaust. I don’t get this science lesson crap.

Those kids are going to make some therapists very rich some day.

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