Deeply Dippy

Usually it’s nice to see people working together to solve a problem. But when that problem is our no good friend soiled the hallowed halls of our home with cheese dip so now must be stabbed, not so much.

Tucker and Jackson, in who's home you never want to have an oopsie.
According to police, the incident happened late Saturday night at Winchester and Millbranch, not far from the airport. The 35-year-old victim was with Tucker and Jackson when she apparently spilled some Rotel dip, police said.
The two women began arguing, police said, when Jackson gave Tucker a knife. She stabbed the victim, who fled in her car to try to reach the hospital.

She didn’t make it, crashing the car on the way likely due to her having just been stabbed over floor dip. She did eventually get to the hospital with assistance and was listed in critical condition.

41-year-old Yolanda Tucker and 43-year-old Albert Jackson have each been charged with aggravated assault.

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