We Wish You A Maily Christmas

Last Updated on: 3rd January 2017, 10:04 am

Here is the story of Juanita Rodenhiser , a very sweet, well-intentioned mom who’s trying to bring her daughter some happiness. Believe me, I completely understand that goal. But the thing is she has not heard the stories of the others who have preceded her into the “another postcard” category in which she now finds herself. Juanita, if you find this post, please try to not be angry with me and call me horrible names, as others before you have done.

I love that people have been so sweet and sent cards of all shapes and sizes. I love that they will now serve their purpose of giving her daughter something to look at while she deals with the evil leukemia. I just hope against hope that when they are no longer needed, that they stop. I really and truly do. On one side, since there is a date on the page on which this was posted, maybe that will help people take a second and not send them when it’s been years and years. But the realistic part of me takes one look at my Facebook news feed where people fall for old hoaxes and re-post ancient obituaries of famous people as if they just died, and knows that the previous hope is too high.

Since they have had to store all these cards somewhere else, maybe they should enlist Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage.

All joking aside, I do hope Hailey Rodenhiser has a Christmas full of good times with friends and family, and rests up enough to put on her army boots and stomp leukemia into dust, where it belongs so she can have many more Christmases that are even better.

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