Somebody’s Living Up To His Name Again

Perhaps you recall Dr. Jake Heiney, who was charged with and subsequently convicted of doing unauthorized things to the body parts for which he is named while he was supposed to be practising medicine. Well, he’s in the news again, this time for acting like one of those body parts for which he is named, specifically the round bit in the centre.

A former Lambertville physician who was convicted of sexual assault while examining a patient and has served time in jail is suing one of the victims who testified against him for defamation of character.
Dr. Jake Paul Heiney, who in June was sentenced to 90 days in jail, filed a three-count lawsuit against a woman who testified in court that he removed her pants and underwear during a routine back examination.

He is seeking more than $25,000 plus attorney fees for the humiliation, embarrassment, disgrace and public scandal.
A countersuit is expected to be filed soon by the woman’s attorney.
“The statements were made by the defendant with malicious intent,” the lawsuit reads. “The plaintiff (Dr. Heiney) suffered financially as well as physically by having been charged with a criminal act. (Dr. Heiney) suffered extreme stress and depression and economic and non-economic losses.”

The lawsuit filed in Monroe County Circuit Court claims defamation of character, libel and slander; intentional infliction of emotional distress, and malicious prosecution.
His attorney, James O. Elliott of Bloomfield Hills, said the former doctor is appealing the convictions and hinted that the victims lied on the stand.

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