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Last Updated on: 25th February 2014, 10:28 am

Wow. This is just ridiculous. Jeromy Jackson of Morgantown ordered 2 Quarter Pounders without cheese. He told several people he wanted no cheese because he was allergic to it. He still got cheese. He had a reaction. They had to rush him to the hospital. McDonalds agreed to pay his medical bill. that wasn’t good enough for him. He’s now suing them for 10 million bucks.

Ok, I understand getting pissed off and telling McDonalds what they did. I understand, if they refused, maybe getting them to pay the medical bills. But this suit, well, cheeses me off. First off, McDonalds apologized and agreed to pay first half, then all of his $700 medical bills. I think that’s really good of them. Most places just give you a gift certificate if you eat bad food there. That’s what Steve got when he got poisoned by Pizza hut.

And this guy’s mother and a friend were in on the suit, saying they risked their lives getting him to the hospital. Well, if that’s a reasonable cause to sue, you’d better hope you never need an ambulance, because the driver could sue you for having to endanger his life to save yours.

Another weird thing about the description of how this whole thing played out was when this guy started to have a reaction, his mother and friend didn’t immediately call 911 or start rushing him to the hospital. They called McDonalds to complain about the order, and seemed upset that their call was cut short because his reaction got really bad and they realized they had to rush him to the hospital. Ok?

The weirdest thing to me is if you know you have a life-threatening allergy to cheese, wouldn’t you, um, look under the bun before you ate it, just in case they screwed up? You know people make mistakes. Wouldn’t you be careful? People with nut allergies are expected to be super vigilant. Why wouldn’t this guy do the same? It’s cheese. It would be pretty easy to spot.

Ug stupid lawsuits. I feel sorry for McDonalds. First there was Stella and her hot coffee and now this.

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