So Long, Broadcaster Magazine

Last Updated on: 15th February 2017, 08:20 am

I’d been wondering if this may have been the case for a while given that it suddenly stopped updating in December for what I thought was a holiday break but then never started up again, and today comes word that Broadcaster Magazine, which along with Milkman UnLimited and Radio Digest were the first places I found to get industry news when I came online in the early 2000s, has shut down.

75-year-old Broadcaster Magazine published its final issue in December, has learned.
The title had several owners over the decades (including Conrad Black’s Hollinger Inc.) but the most recent owner, Annex Business Media, purchased Broadcaster and its sister title Sportscaster (which had been Mediacaster and Cablecaster before that) in 2015 and had the two for sale for some months but could find no buyers. Cablecaster was originally launched in 1988.

Thankfully MMU still exists and there are other places like Cartt, Broadcast Dialogue and Fagstein among others that cover pretty much everything you could ever want to know, but I’m still going to miss Broadcaster.

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