Let Her Go, The Bluegrass Edition

It wasn’t this particular one, but a version of it popped up during a mix I was listening to on Spotify a while back. It’s the Travelin’ McCourys doing a bluegrass cover of that Let Her Go song that Passenger had all over the radio a couple years ago, and it’s pretty great.

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  1. I can’t hear this song without thinking about that weird dream you had about people putting their guns in a building and then them falling on someone while someone sang that Passenger song but with different words. How did it go? “An avalanche of guns when it starts to snow.”? I can’t remember the rest of it. I can’t even remember how the whole dream went.

    1. Oh yeah, that dream. Let me think a second.

      It was about some sort of gun amnesty program. They wanted people to bring their guns to this place and turn them in. They had a concert to get people to show up, and Passenger was there singing that song. So lots of people came and they were filling this giant building with the guns everyone brought. But their was a snowstorm and the roof of the building got covered in snow. Somehow, between that and the guns inside, the building couldn’t handle it and started to tip over. So right before it came down, he sang the thing about an avalanche of guns, then the whole thing came down and guns spilled everywhere. Then I woke up.

          1. I remember something about some gun nuts protesting near the building saying something about “you shouldn’t give up your guns” or something. But it was years and years ago. Were we even here yet? I can’t remember when that song came out.

  2. I’m going to take your word on that bit. I can’t quite remember for sure, but that sounds like something I’d dream.

    As for whether we were here yet, I’m not sure about that either. Google says the song was released in 2012 so we could have still been Guelphed, but my memory doesn’t remember hearing it until after we moved.

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