Spirit Indeed!

Last Updated on: 7th August 2017, 10:23 am

I heard this song as part of a Spotify playlist, and although the tune is really catchy, it’s weirding me out. In fact, it’s made worse by the catchiness of the tune. I’m walking around humming it, and then shaking myself and going “Oh god stop!” Here are some lyrics for you.

All you lonely sons and daughters
stepping to the raging waters
Let them swallow you forever
silencing your beating heart
Your voice echos in the distance
Over come by their persistence
Sleep now child beneath
the heavy current
dragging you along
ooooh oh oh and then you die x2

I would bet money that it’s “step into” but that’s not what the few lyrics sites that have the song are saying. But that’s beside the point. What in the hell is going on here? Am I missing a metaphor or something? On its face it sounds like “You’re lonely, go drown in a raging river in a mass suicide.” Over and over and over again.

And who is this band? I can’t find out a single thing about them. Are they someone else under an alias? Did William Melchert-Dinkel put together a band? Oh boy…I’m in trouble now.

Enjoy the…um…earworm?

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