Your Day 5 Olympic Update

Last Updated on: 17th September 2019, 08:19 am

So here’s a quick breakdown on what’s going on right now.

Canada has 6 boats still alive in Olympic rowing ranging from pairs to the Mens 8, which is favoured to win a medal.

The American basketball team, or Redeem Team, as they are annoyingly being referred to as have now laid solid beatings on such basketball powerhouses as China and … Angola. So…. Good work there.

USA also continues to dominate in the pool with Phelps now taking 5 Golds.

China has dominated in Gymnastics winning Gold in both the Mens and Womens Team Programs.

And Russia is dominating in Georgia taking the Gold in Unilateral Invasion of a Sovereign Nation.

That’s it for now – but go check out Steve and Carin’s stuff from yesterday as there’s some good stuff there.

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