They Banned That From Schools?

The over protection of kids is a subject we’ve harped on a time or two, and now Gill is back yet again to run down a few things that schools have banned because being a kid has to suck now.

At the elementary school where not only my mom taught but my sister and I attended each year they would have these things called electives. You could choose from a plethora of activities E.G. downhill skiing or snowshoeing. It got me to thinking if the students would even be allowed to do stuff like that now.

Here Are some Banned Things From Schools

  • 1 Best friends – A private elementary school in London UK banned this practice because it made people who weren’t apart of this exclusive club feel left out.
  • 2 Yoga pants – Many schools have banned this because apparently it’s a distraction.
  • 3 Dodgeball, Red Rover, and Tag – Of course here comes the safety police ruining childhood fun. The risks are there, but come on!
  • 4 Hugs, high 5s and handholding – Some districts have taken the no touching policy a little far, I mean what if your friend’s sad?


What things were banned from your school, your children’s schools, or have you heard of?

Gillie reminding you to go play some hopscotch, I’m sure that’s still ok

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  1. What do you do if your friend is sad? You hug her, give her the biggest of high fives, you tell her she’s the best friend you have ever had in this lifetime, and tell school to go fuck itself. I’m just here to help.

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