Emergency Rooms Aren’t Fun!

Last Updated on: 9th February 2018, 12:43 pm

It’s time once again to take a trip with Gill down memory lane and look at some toys that somehow didn’t kill us. Well, not most of us, anyway.

From lawn darts to the world’s hungriest cabbage patch doll I am here to talk a bit more about unsafe toys.

  • 1 Gilbert Atomic Energy kit – Oh Gilbert! How is it that you’ve made this list once more? In the early 1950’s all things atomic were all the rage. Kids could get this wonder, I mean future sickness kit with live uranium. Yes, you read me right, live uranium. Luckily it was taken from toy shelves after two years.
  • 2 Lawn Darts – Whomever thought that giving youngsters sharp objects, saying to them, aim for the circle, and toss this in the air, was a good idea wasn’t thinking. It took three fatalities and many more injuries to get this pulled from the market.
  • 3 Remote control airplanes – These look pretty tame, until one of the brands ruined its reputation by becoming an explosive projectile.
  • 4 Mini-hammocks – Wouldn’t you just love to go curl up with a book on a hot summer day? Here’s where the issue comes in. The hammocks themselves, especially from one company, didn’t have spreader bars making them strangle hazards. Several kids died, and more suffered brain damage.
  • 5 Snack Time Cabbage Patch doll
    Picture this: Your eight-years-old, and your coolest aunt and uncle gave you this for Christmas. You go to feed it the food from the package, but the doll can’t differentiate between your little fingers and the food. This was the main issue, with out a battery or switch this pretty much scalped a ten-year-old girl in 1996.


Did I leave out any unsafe toys? What items do you want to hear about next?

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