This Sandwich Is Cold. Here, Try Some

I want to know more about this “verbal altercation.” Can you please reheat this for me should not devolve into a food feud assuming that’s how the request was made. I’m assuming it wasn’t, but we may never know.

Corinthian Jones, 19, purchased the sandwich Friday night at a 7-Eleven in Bradenton, Florida. Jones got the pressed sandwich to go, a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report notes.
Jones subsequently “took a couple of bites from one half of the sandwich and discovered it was cold,” a deputy reported. So Jones returned to 7-Eleven and asked clerk Victoria Vazquez, 26, to reheat the Cuban sandwich or return her money.
“The pair got into a verbal altercation at this point,” according to the report.
Jones later asked Vazquez again to reheat the sandwich, a request to which Vazquez agreed. But when the 7-Eleven employee reached for the grub, Jones allegedly “threw the sandwich into the victim’s face.” A witness confirmed Vazquez’s account that she was struck in the face by the Cuban sandwich.

Jones, as you might expect, remembered things differently. She admitted throwing the sandwich, but said that Vazquez had caught it with her hands, not her face. The target having good reflexes somehow makes it ok to make a target out of them, I guess.

She was charged with misdemeanor battery.

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