What’s The Matter? I Thought You Guys Loved Cuts

Last Updated on: 11th October 2019, 08:47 am

‘It goes way overboard’: Ford calls OPP on protesters who brought guillotine to Queen’s Park

I had to say the obvious thing in the title, but now I need to have a word with whomever did this and anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to do some similar thing in the future.

Please don’t.

Protesting is good. I’m glad so many folks are out there giving a voice and a face to the many genuine concerns we all have about the things this government is doing. We need that. Please keep it up. Bring signs, bring friends, but for the love of god, please don’t bring the local theatre’s prop closet. Stunts like this aren’t doing our side any good. In fact, you’re helping Ford more than anything else. If him and his people point to you and your baby’s first executioner set and say ” there’s no reasoning with this band of lunatics and clowns, just ignore them,” there’s no way to argue he’s wrong. It’s ammunition for their side, not support for ours. We’re supposed to be the reasonable ones. The smart ones. The right ones. the ones that can claim the moral high ground because we actually care about people’s quality of life. We can do so much better than this.

The OPP has been informed about a group of protesters who brought a fake guillotine to Queen’s Park on Wednesday, the premier’s office has announced.

A few hundred people showed up to the protest outside Queen’s Park in what was called a “General Strike Against Doug Ford” on a Facebook event page.
Several masked attendees carried the wooden guillotine dotted with red paint onto the lawn and held signs that said “No cuts but this cut,” and “May history repeat itself, Chop, Chop!”

Lisa MacLeod, the province’s minister of children, community and social services, called the guillotine a “credible threat” and told reporters the party has referred the incident to the provincial police.  
“Masked protesters brought a bloodied guillotine to the grounds of Queen’s Park and you know what they did? They beheaded an effigy of the premier. This is disgusting,” MacLeod said.
CBC Toronto could not confirm if the group did, in fact, behead an effigy of Ford.

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