Operation Cake Surprise

Sounds like Gill’s mom had a pretty nice Mother’s Day. I wouldn’t mind some of that cake myself.

Remember a few months ago I asked you wonderful readers to vote on a cake that I would make for my mom as a thank you for everything she does or has done for me? Would you like to know what happened?

Stage 1

About six weeks ago I enlisted the help of a friend, someone my mom knew from when she was a teenager. I called her up on a cold day stating that I wanted to do something nice for mom, and asked if she would go in on the surprise. She agreed, but told me she would be away for the Mother’s Day weekend with her own family and asked if a few days later would work. I agreed, and we set to work putting not only an elaborate deception but a symbol of caring into motion.

Stage 2

I involved my dad shortly after, as he would be the one taking me to our friend’s house to make the cake. I also told my mom that I would need to go to our friend’s to help sort photos of when I was a kid.

Stage 3

The day we baked the cake my mom became a little suspicious. She had suggested in a round about kind of way that I might be up to some kind of no good. I told her that I was looking at photos and helping our friend sort.

Stage 4

The moment finally arrived. My parents and their friends sat at the dining room table when my friend suggested I come with her for a moment. She produced the cake, and I brought it to my mom, and like the dying minutes of a sit com from when I was a kid, I confessed that there were not any pictures, but this was something I had been thinking of, scheming, and doing for the last little while. I also thanked her for the time she spent in the hospital with me last June.

Further Thoughts

The cake we ended up making was a pecan cheese cake. I stayed up beyond midnight thinking of exactly the right words to say to her.

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