You Can’t Take My Door

Botnik Studios fed a neural network a whole bunch of country music and then asked it to write a song based on what it learned. The result is “You Can’t Take My Door”, a song better and more lyrically challenging than anything I’ve heard on country radio in years.

This is part of a larger project called The Songularity, which sounds to me like the sort of thing that moved our founding fathers to create technology in the first place.

THE SONGULARITY is an upcoming full-length pop album co-created by humans and machines.
To write the lyrics, we are remixing all the best text we can find: Scottish folk ballads, Amazon reviews, Carrie Underwood, The Elements Of Style and more. Our predictive text computer program suggests lyrics in the style of these influences. We set the results to original music.

Just look at these song ideas.

  • Bored With This Desire To Get Ripped
    Morrissey lyrics algorithmically combined with Amazon customer reviews of the P90X home workout DVD.
  • Negatively 4th Street
    Bob Dylan lyrics combined with negative reviews of restaurants on 4th Street in Manhattan.
  • Soviet Nights
    Ronald Reagan speeches plus Beach Boys lyrics.

I cannot wait for this to hit Spotify.

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