Ladies And Gentlemen, Noted Man Of His Word, Doug Ford

Doug Ford, less than a week ago.

Ontario’s court challenge of the federal carbon tax could be dropped if Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives lose the Oct. 21 federal election, says Premier Doug Ford.
A Liberal victory by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or another party that supports the carbon tax would put Ontario’s case in a different light, Ford suggested Friday.
The premier said he would first consult with Attorney General Doug Downey on legal options in the event of a loss by Scheer, who has been campaigning heavily against the carbon tax of 4.4 cents per litre of gasoline imposed on provinces not levying their own fee.
“We’ll be consulting with cabinet and we’ll move forward from there, but I do respect democracy,” Ford told reporters at the Toronto Police College in Etobicoke.
“The people are going to decide when the election’s over. Once the people decide, I believe in democracy.”

Doug Ford, yesterday.

The Ontario government has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to re-examine a ruling by the province’s top court that found the federal price on carbon is constitutionally sound.
In a statement released Wednesday, Ontario Environment Minister Jeff Yurek said the Ford government remains committed to “using every tool at our disposal” to fight against the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, enacted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in April.
“We have seen the very real costs on the people of Ontario,” Yurek said.

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