All The Doctors Are Going To Play This On A Loop

I saw the song “Never Google Your Symptoms” show up on the Dr. Demento official Facebook page and thought “This is so totally a song for me!” Heck, I can even picture Steve singing it to me whenever I decided to hit the google if I had some new medical wrinkle. Sometimes, Google has been helpful, but sometimes, … DEAR GOD! Every time I told Steve I googled something, he would say “Why did you do that?”

It turns out Henrik Widegren is a Swedish ear, nose and throat specialist who also likes to write songs, and he’s not half bad. He made a whole album of songs called “Medical Melodies and Surgical Songs”, and I’ve had his song about Paolo Macchiarini, who sounds like a doctor we should have written about, in my head for a week.

Dammit, the lyrics aren’t here and I don’t think I trust myself completely to get them correct.

So yeah, go check out his album on Spotify or wherever you like.

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