I Could Use Some Sleep

You know your lack of sleep is getting to your brain when you’re about to get out of the shower, suddenly can’t remember if you’ve washed your hair and then do it again because you don’t think you can trust yourself to have done it. It’s only like the main thing you went in there for, dude. Take a nap.

And speaking of sleep or the lack thereof, am I the only one who, completely at random, will have a hell of a time settling down for the night until I’ve gotten up at least a couple of times to go check on things? Not just normal stuff like whether the doors are locked, either. I’m talking weird stuff like did we shut off the TV? Is the fridge door closed? Nobody left any taps running, did they?

I have no firm idea why this happens, it just does and has for years. But if I had to guess, I think it might go back to my days of having to watch my younger siblings a lot growing up. I was often carrying them to bed, telling them stories, making sure they settled and stayed where I put them…all the stuff that parents usually do. I don’t have them to take care of anymore and I don’t have kids of my own, so perhaps my brain, having been taught for so long that I needed to keep an eye on things, has transferred that drive to things like appliances. It seems like a good bet, since I’ll also find myself getting up to check on the dog while she sleeps in the other room or even on Carin if she falls asleep before I do.

But I still have no idea why some nights are worse than others. I just know that I’d like some more consistent rest, thanks.

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    1. Yeah, sounds about right.

      I hadn’t thought about that one, but I was definitely saying this to myself last night.

      Speaking of sleep, I wish I could get a picture of Tansy.  Right now she’s mostly on her bed.  the only part of her that isn’t is her cone head, which is using her toy as a perfect little pillow.

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