Thanks To Editing, It Truly Is A Once In A Lifetime Experience

I’m glad that 570 News seems to have finally edited that commercial where the woman is plugging a trip to Spain and says “it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to go back.”

Yes, she really did say that and nobody caught it. How do you miss a mistake that glaring for days if not weeks?

For a while I was trying to convince myself that maybe she was planning to die and reincarnate in the next few months so that I wouldn’t lose my mind, but I’m happy to know that somebody in production is just kind of incompetent. That reincarnation stuff always seemed a little dicey to me.

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  1. So I heard the ad yesterday and the I can’t wait to go back line was there again. What!? Did I just imagine that somebody did a smart thing or did the station not delete the bad one from the system?

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