No, But She Does Mention A Scott Free

Just before the world went splat and the idea of going to concerts became a thing of the past, we went to see Tanya Tucker. What a good show! Anyway, during the show, of course she sang “What’s Your Mamma’s Name, Child”. First, the song had its intended effect on me. Then, because I must have been in a strange mood, I started having silly thoughts and had to suppress a grin, because this is what I thought.

Just imagine if the guy found his daughter and asked his question. “Does she ever mention a man named Bueferd Wilson?” and the kid said “Um…sometimes. Usually when she has to buy me new clothes or take me to the dentist or something. What does she say? Something about that disappearing deadbeat Bueferd Wilson. I have no idea why though…wait! Where are you going? Why the long face?”

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