What Kind Of Justice System Threatens To Tape Shut The Mouth Of Someone So Articulate?

Meet Alan McCarty Jr., calm, levelheaded defendant.

I don’t want to alarm you, but at the time this video was shot he was on trial for threatening a judge. I know. It seems impossible.

Apparently all of this started over a child custody case, one that McCarty was a little confused about, if you can even believe that.

McCarty, who before his arrest lived in Milton in Santa Rosa County, was found guilty by a jury in August of two counts of threats or extortion and two counts of corruption by threat against a public official for threatening Warren and dispatchers who answered his call when he called 9-1-1 to rail about Warren.

McCarty threatened Warren because he said his kids had been taken away from him. But Foxman noted on Wednesday that Warren was not even the judge who made the decision in the custody case and that McCarty didn’t even have custody of the children to begin with.
McCarty even cursed and insulted his own assistant public defender, Ryan Belanger. Belanger said that while McCarty’s mother was in the courtroom she did not wish to speak but did want to apologize to everyone for her son’s behavior.
That behavior included McCarty inviting Foxman during the trial to perform oral sex on him, to which the judge said “I prefer not to.” Foxman brought that comment up again on Wednesday as he cited the reasons for the contempt of court conviction.
“You also offered me to perform a sex act upon you, which I politely declined and still do to this day for whatever that’s worth,” Foxman said.

Here is McCarty at his sentencing hearing, quietly and politely reading a book…for a while.

He received 20 years for the original charges plus an extra 10 days for contempt of court, for some reason.

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