Virtual Fireworks

I got word about this and I can’t decide if it’s pretty neat or neat with a touch of creepy. But still, it’s mostly neat.

Because we can’t have throngs of humanity smushing into parks and watching the fireworks, the government of Canada decided to put on a virtual display.

On July 1, wherever you are in Canada, enjoy Canada Day fireworks in a fun and innovative way. Watch on your mobile device or computer.
Augmented reality experience for mobile devices (smart phones and tablets only)
At 10 pm, local time, point your smart phone or tablet to the night sky and a 3-minute show displaying 3D fireworks will begin. The augmented reality experience will give you the same visual and sound effects as a real fireworks display!
Image capture will also be available for you to share with family and friends.
Important note
Users will be asked to allow access to their camera and other device features in order to use this augmented reality application. If you do not wish to allow this access, please refer to the Video experience for desktop and laptop computers section.

If you want to see the augmented reality show, head on over here and see what happens. Or you can watch the video any time, and they even have a described one.

I think I know why they need access to the camera, but it does weird me out just a wee smidge. But the idea is a good one. Enjoy your Canada Day, whatever you decide to do with it.

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