A Mass Of Mask Info

Last Updated on: 26th July 2020, 03:42 pm

Since masks are a new part of our lives when we want to go to a store or hang out in an office or whatever, I thought maybe it would be good to post a few helpful videos about them.

First, since you run the risk of making yourself sick if you don’t do things right in terms of wearing them and putting them on or taking them off, there’s this little article, complete with a guy showing how to put on and take off a mask properly. I know it’s a surgical mask, but a bunch of stuff probably applies to the cloth masks too.

Also, somebody did a video pointing out some things that might not be obvious to someone who is blind and who has never had to deal with these masks before.

This one is about the disposable masks, but hey, it’s something. I’ve never seen a mask with a tear in it, but I guess it could happen.

And last and most cool, someone has made a tutorial on how to make your own masks with a clear window so people who have hearing loss can read your lips. The more of us are walking around with clearly visible lips under our masks, the more helpful it will be.

Who knew a mask would be so complicated?

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