Red Hot Eeewww!

Somebody commented on Gill’s misheard lyrics and that got me thinking of another one. I was a strange, twisted kid sometimes. Not only did I misunderstand lyrics of songs, the ones I came up with were…just…gross or something.

Take this one. “The last of the red hot fools”. The name should have been enough to help me out, but no. For years, I thought it said “Now I’m just the last of a red hot pool.” I would picture him getting so hot that he melted, and people would ask where he went and somebody would say “That used to be him right there.” Eeewww!

This misheard lyric was floating through my brain earlier this month when we had our crazy heat wave. I wondered if I would be just the last of a red hot pool and chuckled to myself. Then I had a dream that scientists figured out that Coronavirus came out in your sweat…and then woke up all sweaty, and that song came back to me again.

Sometimes I wish my imagination would just take a break.

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