Look There She Goes, that Girl Is Sick, No Question

Beauty and the Beast lends itself well to coronavirus parodies, it seems. First it was Wear a Mask, and now we have Little Town. If your memory is failing you, that’s the one where Belle says good morning to everyone and they talk about how odd she is. This time, she’s that guy. You know the one. The one who won’t wash her hands, cover her face, stay away from you or keep her dumb ass at home.

Little town, everyone’s in lockdown
All alone
They remain at home
Little town
Full of little people
Waking up to say:
Stay home!
Stay home!
Stay home!
Stay home!
There comes old Bernie and he’s got Corona
So why the heck is he outside?
Walks around as though he’s well
With a sanitizer gel
He’s gonna get us all infected –
Good morning, Belle!
Good morning, Joe!
Why aren’t you quarantined?!
I’m not sick.
I’m just on my way to Costco to buy toilet paper before we’re out and –
That’s nice. Sandy! The Purell! Hurry up!
I’ve yet to see a reckless fool quite like her
Without a mask or gloves she goes!?
In the Grand Princess she’s been
And she thinks no one had seen
She’s gonna get us all infected, that is Belle!
Stay home!
Of course!
We’re all in lockdown!
Stay home!
With you?
At least 6 feet!
They closed all schools!
It’s now a ghost town
The stocks, oh no, just fell eight-hundred points!
You again?!
Good morning, Albert!
I’m done reading the book.
Did you wash your hands?
I don’t remember. Is there anything new?
Haha, I’m serious, wash your hands.
No worries. Okay, I’ll take . . . this one!
Another Stephen King?! Are you sure?
I’m not feeling well. I’ve got a fever, a terrible cough, I think I’ve got Corona.
Fine, take the book.
Just don’t come near me!
But sir!
Don’t touch me!
Thank you, thank you very much!
And there she goes with runny nose and fever
She never covered when she sneezed
She forgets to wash her hands
Though she claims to comprehend
The dangers of Corona, that is Belle
No the world isn’t ending
This is just another flu, you’ll see
True, now the death rate’s higher
But we can’t control when we will die, so let it be
Corona isn’t just another virus
And yet she doesn’t seem to care
She does look kind of pale
And her breathing seems to fail
Very different from the rest of us
She’s nothing like the rest of us
She’s gonna be the end of us is Belle!

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