He Is A Beavis And Butt-Head Episode Unto Himself

The substance of this article doesn’t much concern me. All I care about is why in the name of Geehosofat you would walk around calling yourself Spanky Wanken on purpose. I would wonder this on a normal day, but the old curiosity goes way up when you’re the Spanky Wanken from the Iowa Pork Tent Committee.

DES MOINES — The Hawkeye State is the largest producer of pork in the country – and Iowans know it and love it.
But if you don’t – Iowans have some words for you.
“It’s what’s for dinner darnnit,” Dana “Spanky” Wanken of the Iowa Pork Tent Committee told Fox News, as a line of Iowa State Fair-goers wrapped around a corner to buy pork a stick.

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