Two Important Questions About Online Oktoberfest

  1. Are we calling the kickoff event the Tapping of the Keys or the Typing of the Keg?
  2. When one of the event streams malfunctions, should we all sing “I’m Frozen”?

I wish I could take full credit for that last joke, but most of it has to go to the well lubricated fellow in my vicinity at an Oktoberfest themed event 20 some odd years ago who unintentionally made my night by loudly belting that out when “Ein Prosit” started.

On a serious note, I’m not sure how well a mostly online fest is going to go since the whole idea is to have thousands of people come together to enjoy a bunch of giant parties, but I guess they have to try something. I wish them well. Hopefully by next year things are a bit more normal.

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    1. Lol it’s definitely more than one.  And I bet most of them came during that ridiculous winter a few years ago.  I hope we don’t have another one of those this year, although we probably will since the idea seems to be how can we cram as much misery as possible into a single calendar?

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