What’s The Crime? They Were Just Taking Out The Trash.

Last Updated on: 13th January 2016, 02:00 pm

We have another story about a dude hiding in a dumpster and then getting dumped in a trash truck, but this guy didn’t die. I refuse to say that he was luckier than our compacted prison escapee because he’s in critical condition, and I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant to be compacted several times.

It all started with James Brienzo stealing a shopping cart full of stuff from Wal-Mart. Police were hot on his trail, so he jumped in a dumpster. Unfortunately for him, the dumpster was due to be emptied that day…and it was.

Soon, James was on a journey that he didn’t want to take, and worse yet, the driver of the truck kept compacting the load. Instead of calling 911, Brienzo called a friend. His friend luckily had some sense and called 911 with him still on the phone. Police used Brienzo’s cell phone to track down the truck, stop it, and tell the driver what was going on.

But by this time, Brienzo was so smushed in with the load that they couldn’t extricate him, so they had to drive on to the recycling centre and empty the load, which freed a critically injured Brienzo.

I think he got a pretty good punishment for his crime already, not that he’ll learn from it.

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