The Mighty Johnny Nash

Last Updated on: 7th October 2020, 01:50 pm
Johnny Nash died yesterday. Most people, including me, are going to remember him best for I Can See Clearly Now, because that song is great. But while reading some things about his death, I also discovered that I’ll be remembering him for something else entirely.

If you grew up watching cartoons on Global TV like I did, there was a several year period during which we all heard his voice pretty much every day. Why? Because he sang the theme for The Mighty Hercules. I had no idea.

Another interesting fact: Nash apparently wrote I Can See Clearly now while recovering from cataract surgery. That sounds like a joke, something you might say to a reporter after one too many interviews. But I’ve heard it said enough times that I’ll take it as truth until someone gives me a reason not to.

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