If The Amount Of Football Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Most Definitely Is

The ad Rogers is running for the NFL Sunday Ticket package this year is driving me nuts. Most of it is fine, but there’s one line where it says “get up to 200 regular season games every Sunday afternoon.”

Um…no. You will not get that. It would be impossible for you to get that. There are only 32 teams in the NFL, so at most you would get 16 games every Sunday afternoon, and you’re only getting that many if Monday and Thursday night football cease to exist.

Clearly what they mean to say is that you will get up to 200 Sunday afternoon games during the season, but that’s absolutely not what they’re saying.

I doubt it’s happened, but I sure hope nobody has subscribed thinking that what the man tells them they’re getting in the commercial is what they’re getting in real life. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. May want to fix that, fellas.

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