Well…He’s Definitely Driving Something. Book Him

60-year-old man charged after having sex in a car across from the station: Brant OPP
I’m not saying this fella is among the best and the brightest or anything (there are better places for sex than in a car in a parking lot across from a police station), but if there’s no mention of him driving the car, how does he get dinged for impaired operation of a motor vehicle? That sort of thing has always seemed a little shady to me, but cops have been doing it for years. You shouldn’t be able to drag someone to court over something you haven’t seen him do yet. Unless you can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that the car got into that parking lot because he drove it there and that he was drunk when he did, just haul him in for indecency and maybe drunk in public and be done with it. There should be no need to reach for a charge in a case like this.

Brant County OPP have charged a 60-year-old Ancaster man with impaired driving after officers say they spotted him having sex in the car across from the police station.
Police say they spotted a vehicle in the parking lot across from the OPP detachment on Broadway Street in Paris. Several people called in to complain that two people were having “what appeared to be intercourse” there, says Const. Ed Sanchuk.
It was about 6:20 p.m. on Thursday.
Officers walked across the street and talked to the driver and passenger, police say. The driver was arrested “without incident.”

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