You Can Now Find Wheelchair Accessibility Info For Businesses Using Google Maps

Google will make wheelchair accessibility info more prominent in Maps
This is probably old news to some of you, but I just found out about it and it seems like it could be a useful enough thing for now to be a good time to go with the if I didn’t know, you didn’t either approach.

“When Accessible Places is switched on, a wheelchair icon will indicate an accessible entrance and you’ll be able to see if a place has accessible seating, restrooms or parking,” Google explains in a blog post. “If it’s confirmed that a place does not have an accessible entrance, we’ll show that information on Maps as well.”

“To get wheelchair accessibility information more prominently displayed in Google Maps, update your app to the latest version, go to Settings, select “Accessibility,” and turn on “Accessible Places.” The feature is available on both Android and iOS,” Google says.
The company is also giving iOS users the ability to more easily contribute accessibility information, as is the case for the Android version of Google Maps. “This guide has tips for rating accessibility, in case you’re not sure what counts as being ‘accessible.’

The feature is rolling out gradually to more and more countries, so it may not work where you are just yet. Finding a list of places where it will work is proving surprisingly difficult, but I’ll update if I happen to come across one.

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