Today In Things I’m About Sick Of

Just a couple of unrelated things I’m annoyed by right now.

  1. If I’m paying to subscribe to your website, why is it still absolutely caked in ads? Short of trying to force harmful software onto my system or hitting my very modern computer with so many things to load that it falls over and dies, you can do what you’d like with your free site as long as I can still conveniently access the information there. But if I think enough of whatever it is you’re doing to shell out for a subscription to it, you should think enough of me to knock that off. Maybe you can’t go 100% ad-free. Sometimes the economics for that just don’t work. That’s fine. But there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to survive on subscription money and a few simple banners or text ads to support your paid area. I should not have to put up with my screen reader bouncing around because shit keeps refreshing, nor should I need to stop every paragraph or two in order to scroll through seven miles of advertising. If you honestly feel it necessary to treat paid users like free users in this regard, it’s time to consider being less greedy, figure out how you can improve revenue without running people off or sort out who might be embezzling from the company.
  2. People who constantly complain about how terrible lockdowns are but won’t lift a finger to help get us out of them. Yes. The start and stop we’ve all gone through hasn’t been easy. I feel for all of the businesses that have no idea what they’re allowed to do from one day to the next. And I worry about the kids. They’re missing out on so much important life stuff. It’s hard to learn how to build relationships and sort out the ins and outs of social interactions when you’re stuck at home behind a screen all the time. You can’t experience the world if you’re not allowed to experience the world. All of those things are true, and I’ve heard them repeatedly from people who spend the rest of their time telling everyone that they’re not going to get vaccinated. Listen, partner. If you really care about the youngins and the shopkeeps, you would drop whatever you’re doing and march your happy ass down to the nearest clinic and do literally the one thing we can all do to help put things right. If you’re not willing to do that, your words are empty and meaningless, and you and them can feel free to fuck off in the direction of your choice. Everyone with sense stopped listening long ago anyway.

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