You’ll Be Fine

Oh hey look, an extremely stupid letter to the editor.

Terrible treatment
Sadly we have morphed into a form of caste system in this country. The privileged that are “vaxxed” and the rabble that are not. In all my years living in this nation, I have never witnessed such venom coming from members of the public, politicians, pundits and, of course, social media. These folks are banned from restaurants, bars, gyms and other venues, and next they will not be able to go to grocery stores and will be forced to shop at outdoor markets, possibly begging for food in the winter months. Look for them not to be able to have repair people visit their abodes because they did not get the miracle jab.
Sounds far-fetched? It is already happening and the way these folks are being treated is absolutely shameful.
Stephen Flanaghan,

I’m not sure where any of this is already happening, but I’ll humour you since you seem so upset and I just hate to see that. I won’t even do the thing where I remind you that if a repairman doesn’t want to come into your house it’s his personal choice, because now is simply not the time for that.

But I will reassure you, friend. You have no need to worry about how you’ll get groceries. That’s all taken care of. The hospital will feed you for free. They’ve done it for years. And just think. If you die, you won’t have to worry about shopping at all! Problem solved!

Good chat, little buddy. Sleep tight. Feel better. That’s right. Uncle Steve is always here to help.

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