A Song Called “This Christmas We’re Screwed” Is Not Something I Want Stuck In My Head

Last Updated on: 16th October 2021, 02:35 pm

This video showed up in my Youtube suggestions a month ago. When I saw it, I thought “Ha ha ha aww cute. A relic from last year!” Actually…not so much. We have a hell of a lot of stuck shipping containers, factory staff shortages and chip shortages. Apparently we’d better get creative and start shopping now if we want anything. Gaaaa! I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas!

I was so proud of how we did last Christmas. I felt like we had gotten through the worst of it and it would be all sunshine and lollypops from here on out. It appears we’re in for another rough one. Can we pull this off? Plus, if we can do it, we’ll probably be going to see my family, so I need to have my Christmas stuff ready a couple of days early.

This is one of those moments where I wish I had been better at crafts and building stuff myself…even though I know I would still need materials.

Aside: What the hell is a Snacking Grogu?

Oh. I guess it’s this.

When I first heard the reference to it in the song, I thought it was some kind of snack-making machine. This is much less weird than what I had in mind.

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  1. In my younger days I used to be very proud of always starting my Christmas shopping in October. Now? Uh…oops. I hardly think about it. Probably because I have no idea what to get anyone anymore.

    No idea what those Snacking Grogus are either. I’m waaaaaay out of touch.

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