I Have Been Boosted, Hopefully Not Busted

Not much to say except I got my COVID booster, so take that, piece of crap Omicron variant…and all the other variants too. I was lucky. I could walk to a pharmacy who was giving out boosters, so I got an appointment and zoinked one. I had to get Moderna, so now I’ve had two Pfizers and a Moderna. Let’s hope I don’t fall over in a side-effect riddled heap. So far, so good but I’m only two hours in.

One thing to note: Once you get your booster, they send you a new qr code in your email. You don’t need it right away because two shots is considered fully vaccinated, but I downloaded the sucker for if/when the rules change. But some people might think that their qr code would just magically update to reflect the updated records. Apparently not.

I also asked if I shouldn’t use my new qr code for two weeks because it might flash a yellow warning because my latest shot, the one I got today, is less than two weeks old so it might say I’m not fully vaccinated, but the pharmacist said it shouldn’t do that because this is my third shot, not my second. I also asked him if, if I travel anywhere for the holidays, if a rapid antigen test would give me a false positive because of this vaccine and he said no it won’t. So that’s good to know.

And about those travel plans. We’ll have to see, but they might be snookered. I think our group might be slightly over the 10-person limit if everyone comes that we’re expecting, so…boohoohoohoo! Plus my folks are anxious about us taking the train, even though everyone on the train and working it is fully vaccinated, so that’s safer than lots of other things we could do. It’s also way safer than my parents driving down to get us, driving back home, and then driving us back. That is too much driving. I didn’t want to see two Christmases ruined in a row…but after a good cry, I’m ready to face whatever decision is made.

Two more silly thoughts before I disappear. I guess I had more to say than I thought. First, why the heck is COVID designated to be a feminine noun in French? I don’t want to be the same gender as that stupid disease, even though I know they only have two choices to make. Maybe they decided it was feminine because COVID’s a bitch. That was mean.

And thanks to Steve, that son of a bitch…er…COVID? Whenever I hear them talk about the Omicron variant, I hear this song.

Mamma don’t catch that Omicron, mamma don’t catch that Omicron, mamma don’t catch that Omicron today.

And now I’m out of here.

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  1. I have no idea the ins and outs of their system, but a set-up that can’t automatically update your records and associate them with your current code seems at first glance like one of those things that only Bell or the Government could come up with.

    I’m glad you got your booster. I’ve decided that I’m not getting mine until after Christmas. Based on my reactions to shots 1 and 2, there’s a good chance that Christmas would be cancelled for me no matter what your family decides were I to do it any sooner.

    Oh, and you’re welcome for the song, lol. Once it occurred to me I felt like I had to share it with other people so I wouldn’t be the only one doing it.

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