My Way Right Away

Hello there, 53-year-old Florida woman. I just wanted to take a few seconds out of my day to tell you that in spite of how things may seem sometimes, things really are going to be ok.

For starters, you absolutely appear to have been on the right side of that argument you had with your buddy James about eating food at Burger King. No is pretty much always the correct answer, so good on you.

But if you truly want to get things moving on the right track, you might want to rethink hanging around ‘ol Jimbo altogether. He seems like trouble.

According to a criminal complaint, James Hunt, 41, and his “girlfriend and cohabitant” argued Saturday afternoon about “the victim not eating her food” at a Burger King in Clearwater, a city in the Tampa Bay area.
The dispute turned violent, cops say, when the 53-year-old woman began to leave the restaurant. That is when Hunt allegedly “threw a cheeseburger at the victim, striking her in the back of the head. This action caused the victim to fall over a curb onto the ground.”
The victim’s chin and lip hit the pavement, resulting in an abrasion and a cut. Upon arriving at the Burger King, cops observed blood on the victim’s shirt and shorts and cheese on her shirt and in her hair.

I’ll give Jimmy this much, at least. If he really did knock her down with that burger (he told the police he didn’t think he did), boy’s got a cannon for an arm. If jail has a baseball team, maybe that’ll give him something productive to do.

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