Anyone Who Cares What Colour Your Texts Are Isn’t A Person You Want To Talk To Anyway, Kids

I don’t know if I’m old and tired of everyone or just have enough things to do/worry about on the average day, but this pissing match Google and Apple are having about what colour people’s messages are in group chats should win a who gives a swirling, bubbling shit award. Oh, and anyone who bullies a person for using the wrong phone and thus being the wrong colour when they talk can also fuck right off, preferably in the direction of a cliff’s edge.

Honestly, why does anyone care about any of this? “Does the system fucking work so that we can all goddamn communicate when we need to?” should be the only question on anybody’s mind here. Blue, green, marketing strategies, competing messaging standards…bite my ass, one and all.

Google has accused Apple of benefiting from bullying as part of a deliberate strategy to make Android users into second-class citizens on the iPhone-maker’s iMessage service.
Apple’s messaging service includes a number of iOS-exclusive features, like Memoji, and famously turns texts from Android users green instead of the iOS-native blue. This has turned iMessage into a status symbol among US teens, creating peer pressure for young people to buy iPhones and sometimes leading to the ostracization of Android users. Showing up in a group chat as a green bubble has become, for some, a social faux pas.

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