Hey Google, What’s All Of The Weather Today?

Last Updated on: 29th March 2022, 11:55 am

March 29th, 2022 Update: Sometime in the last few days, Google appears to have fixed this. Asking for the weather will now give you expected conditions, the high, the low, the current temperature and windchill. Thank you, Google. That makes things much easier.

Lately I’ve noticed a bug in the way that our Google Mini reports the weather, but you can work around it, so here’s the solution if you’re having the same problem.

If you ask it what the weather is going to be today it will give you the expected conditions, the high and low and the current temperature. But it won’t give you the windchill, which can sometimes be important when it’s January in Canada. If you have the Continued Conversations feature enabled and ask what the temperature is during the same chat to try to coax a windchill out of it, you still won’t get one. You’ll just get the current temperature, which you obviously already know. If you’re determined to get it, you’ll have to let that conversation die and then ask “What’s the temperature?” in a new one. At that point, she’ll finally tell you that it’s currently -13, but that due to current wind conditions it feels like -27.

And just like that, you can once again be as miserable about how freaking cold it is as I am. Eat it, winter!

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