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Last Updated on: 20th October 2013, 05:37 pm

We finally got around to updating the links section of the page as somethings had expired or people had moved their sites or just completely stopped using them and it was pointless to keep them around so hopefully it’s all up to date now.

If you have a page of your own or some ideas of fun things that you think the readers would enjoy, please let us know and we can take a look and see about throwing them up there for everyone to enjoy.

I know beside the comments we still have those ugly numbers but honestly, guys, I’m just too lazy to fix it and it ain’t that big of a deal as our comments still work. Sure it looks like hell but look at the writing that goes along with them on this page. What would you expect? Some day I’ll get bored and sit down and change them up but for now they’ll have to stay the way they are. I don’t even notice them anymore.

I wrote a fun little column for Salty Sports that should get posted sometime today or first thing tomorrow. Check out the other sections while you’re over there too. Great stuff.

I was planning on writing a review of the Trapt album for the Salty Music section but I just ran out of time and have some more pressing things to do but tomorrow looks like a good day to get that done.

More later…. maybe.

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