I’m not sure this gentleman solved any of his problems when he walked into the cell phone store and began hurling eggs and epithets, but I hope he feels a little better. Maybe Telus can let us know how he’s doing.

On Saturday, employees at Quinsam Communications in Campbell River, Vancouver Island were left stunned when a man entered the store and began hurling eggs at displays, devices, and the workers.
The accused — dressed in a red sweatshirt with a grey bandana around his face walked in and began venting his frustration about Telus and its 5G technology. “This has got nothing to do with you, boys,” the accused said to the staff before pelting the business and the ‘boys’ with eggs.
According to the Campbell River Mirror, the accused believed that others were using Telus’ 5G network to gain access to his cellular devices, and based on his body language and tone, he appeared to be extremely unhappy about it.

CTV has video of him being extremely unhappy about it, and you can watch it here. I hope you like beeping.

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