Anything To Declare? Yeah, A Dead Man, Thanks To You!

Last Updated on: 11th November 2020, 07:43 am

I hope I never need some kind of emergency ambulance transport across the border. If I do, I hope the ambulance carrying me doesn’t get stopped by Customs Officers, like happened to poor Rick Laporte. The man had a heart attack, needed emergency angioplasty, and the closest place to go was Detroit. His heart stopped twice on the way, and he needed to be revived. But despite being given a police escort, the Customs nimrods flagged the ambulance over, asked the driver to get out, then asked him to open the back door so the dying man could verbally confirm his name!

What would these assholes have done if this guy had suffered a stroke rendering him speechless? What if he was unconscious? Idiots! Idiots! Idiots! With all the keenness for tasers lately, I wish the cops had used one on that moron. The man’s dying, get out of the way! Bzzz!

Lucky for these imbeciles at the border, Mr. Laporte made it to the hospital, and is recovering. I still think someone should sue the bastards. Come on, guys, use common fucking sense. It’s an ambulance with a police escort! Get out of the goddamn way!

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