I Smell a Rat…Because I’m Negative!

So Aira has a promotion where people can get free minutes to do COVID-testing-related things. I guess they’ve had to help a lot of people do at-home rapid antigen tests. I was intrigued by this, because even with someone on a phone directing me, it sounded pretty hard to do. Like, how do I get the precise number of drops into the precise spot? Can I feel if there’s a border between dab here and for the love of Pete that’s not the testing surface!? And, how do I avoid accidentally getting some of the solution on my hand? I was under the impression that was going to cause bad times, either because the stuff was dangerous or coming in contact with my hand would screw it up. So I was worried, Aira or not, about whether this was possible.

Well, they have come up with some tips for preparing for an at-home test that might even work if you were using BeMyEyes or someone’s help over Facetime if that someone knew what they were doing.

Hopefully I never have to do this, but if I do, at least I have a shred of a clue about what I could do. There’s no telling how well it would work, but…I have some kind of part of a plan.

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