Have You Heard The Wordle?

A little while ago, I heard about this new word game called “Wordle”. All I knew about it was that you got one five-letter word a day, and you got 6 guesses and you had to see if you got it right or something. Apparently everybody is playing it. I was intrigued but didn’t get a chance to look yet.

Then my Facebook and Twitter started filling up with these images and the word “Wordle”. I was starting to get sad. Maybe this word game, something that could be completely accessible, might be lost to me because of how it was built.

Then…oh then! I came upon this piece of good news, and…I’m hooked!

It turns out there’s a Chrome extension, which is the easiest way to go, but you can also install a bookmarklet that does the same thing on your phone’s browser, or almost any non-Chrome browser, so you can Wordle it up wherever you are. Here’s how to do that.

It’s a bit of a pain in the arse to get it onto the phone, but once you get it in there, every time you go back to Wordle, it works correctly. I got it to work with Safari and Chrome, but Firefox on the phone told me where I could go with that plan. Firefox on the computer, however, had no problem.

And if you want to make your Wordle results things you share accessible, here are some tips.

The game is just basically one lingo game every 24 hours, but I did not want to be left out. And now, because of some awesome people, we’re not. Woohoo!

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