An Even More Electronic Than Normal Version Of The Ghostbusters Theme

Enjoy the Ghostbusters theme as played by a bunch of different electronic devices.

And here’s a decent description of the accompanying video.

This time, Device Orchestra busted out 14 gadgets for its composition — including electric toothbrushes adorned with googly eyes.
One electric toothbrush with pipe cleaners for arms stands front and center, belting out the familiar chorus in a tone comparable to a musically-inclined bumblebee. It might be the star of the show, but it has plenty of backup.
A line of receipt machines mimics the sound of synths, while another electric toothbrush undulates beneath a white sheet. A typewriter clicks away in the background, accompanied by the buzzing of a body trimmer, a nail polishing device, and an epilator (which is a hair removal tool, in case you didn’t know). And even though the iron doesn’t contribute much to the overall composition, it provides the visual effects, pumping out puffs of steam to achieve a spooky vibe.

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