Jeopardy Should Steal An Idea From Itself

I’ve noticed watching the Jeopardy College Tournament the last few nights that I like the way the game flows a little better than I do on regular Jeopardy. It’s a small thing, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the show proper drop the extra commercial break in the middle of the Jeopardy round. It’s always felt out of place to me, and this proves that it’s not really necessary not that the absence of a similar break in Double Jeopardy didn’t already do that. It makes more sense to play a round, take a break, meet the players, play Double Jeopardy, take a break and then come back for Final. And both complete games done that way fit into an hour, so there’s no reason not to do it on the half hour version unless it’s some sort of weird syndication rule that I don’t understand.

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