Two Shots And Covid’s Goin’ Down

Yup! That’s me! Got my second shot today.

The process was just as smooth this time as the last. The only thing I wanted to mention was when I called to book this appointment, the lady on the phone said she would cancel my July 25 appointment. Well…she didn’t, or she tried to cancel it and it didn’t work. The folks at the desk had to do it today. But it’s done, and I have my little slippy thing that says I’ve received both doses. Yes!

I’m such a silly person. I just finished commenting to mom and dad that I think the volunteers wear red. And what did I wear to the clinic? A frigging red shirt! That wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But I’m sure nobody thought I was one of the volunteers since I looked more like a lost sheep.

Let’s hope that I don’t get any hideous side-effects. So far, so good. And in a couple of weeks, I won’t have to worry nearly so much. Eat it, pandemic!

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