An Update On Gill

Gill has a bit of a health update for us. Best wishes, as always.

You remember how I briefly touched on my unexplained weight loss and stomach and back pain?  Here’s a little update several months in the making.

The Good News

My colonoscopy and endoscopy both came back clear.  I’m relieved with that news as my family has a history of colon cancer, and my gastrointestinal system is good.

The Bad News

On the 28th of October I went for a CT scan to try to get the lower back and abdominal pain figured out.  I walked into my doctor’s office five days later thinking it was maybe kidney stones too small for the ultrasound to pick up, and walked out told I had a cyst on my adrenal gland.  I also got a referral to an endocrinologist.  For those curious, the adrenal gland is located just above the kidney, and secretes hormones such as aldosterone and cortisol.

How Am I Now?

Well, I missed the appointment I was supposed to have on February 9th, but have one in person April 6th.  I have good days where I hardly know the cyst is there, and I have bad days where I am in excruciating pain.  One of those happened a couple of months ago while spending the night at my sister’s house.  I have kind of shied away from going back to the hospital on days like that, as I fear I won’t be taken seriously or find out something I already know.

Please keep me in your prayers!

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