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Last Updated on: 31st May 2022, 02:07 pm

Gill has a few small town restaurant recommendations from her weekend spent in and around Meaford. I’m hungry.

If you’ve missed my food blogs, you’re in for a treat. So sit down, pour yourself something cold and delicious and be ready to get hungry.

Parlor Pizza

The neighborhood is never complete without that place one can go get that perfect pie.  This however is not the traditional pizzeria.  It reminds me more of the little Mom and Pop place my family found while on a European cruise three years ago.  This neighborhood pizzeria offers something for everyone craving something just a little bit different, for instance you can get one of their pies with potatoes, caramelized onions, and truffle oil.  My sister and I ordered that one along with one with peppers and other assorted vegetables with loads of ricotta cheese.  Readers, just thinking of it makes me feel like Homer Simpson when he dreams of that world made of chocolate.

The Red Door Pub

When our British readers talk about “going down the pub”  They might just be talking about this spot.  Set on the banks of Georgian Bay, Meaford Ontario was once a town that graduating high school seniors could not wait to put in the rear view.  That was when my sister, born in 1981, graduated the local high school class of 2000. But now it’s a place where once stood dive bars now stands something for pretty much any pallet.  The Red Door Pub is but isn’t your typical British/American style pub.  They do serve standard pub fair like wings, onion rings, and chili fries, but if that’s not your thing they also serve bow tie pasta with spinach and mushrooms.  I had the veggie burger. It was done just right with one of my favorite cheeses on it, feta.  The also offer live music Friday nights, so if your in Meaford, and are looking to “go down the pub” With a little upmarket twist, stop by the Red Door.


Finally we come to Sunday morning.  In the exact same town my sister had called “trashy” 25 years ago is Sail.  It’s generally more known for its fish dinners, but offers a lovely breakfast.  My sister and uncle ordered the two egg breakfast, but I, being mainly vegetarian, ordered the vegetable omelette.  It took me awhile, because their portions are rather large.  I will also tell you that the prices are very reasonable.  Three can get a good breakfast for under $50, which is quite rare in these times.  My sister loves a good poached egg, and according to her they did not disappoint.


What’s a hidden gem of a restaurant in your area, what does it serve, and do you agree that the best food comes from those holes-in-the-walls or does it come from more well known places? Does it just depend what your looking for?

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