You Have One Job

Another thing I can agree with Gill on. Every building I’ve lived in has been pretty terrible about this, and it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been there. I know employee turnover is part of the problem, but nothing turns this fast. I don’t even mind being forgotten about when I’m new. Things happen. But once I’ve been there for a little while and you’ve seen me around, there’s no good excuse short of an emergency where nobody gets any warning for you not to call and give me a heads-up about stuff like water and power outages. I should not have to find these things out by chance when a friend or some rando in the hall says “hey, did you know that X is happening next Tuesday? There’s a note on the wall about it.” I should also not have to discover that we need new keys for one of our main doors by getting locked outside with an armload of groceries only to be saved by some nice lady who couldn’t believe they didn’t bother to tell us this was happening. It’s kind of disrespectful, actually. As if somehow my blind people money isn’t as good as everybody else money and I’m not entitled to the same courtesy.

As an apartment dweller, I love the convenience of having people to fix stuff as needed.  I don’t have to pay an electrician or plumber, so more money stays with me.  The thing that really walks the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade over my final set of nerves, though, is the lack of warnings.  As someone rather anal about hygiene, I do not appreciate not being warned that the water’s going to be off, only to find out that “there was a note on the cork board” downstairs.  This is one time people forgetting I only have 3% vision annoys me.  Yesterday someone actually brought a slip of paper. Still useless to me, but less potato boiling because I can get it read and then get up and do what needs doing while there’s still time.

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